This is a tribute to our southern people who have blessed the delta with their courage, determination and compassion and for all our generations to come.  The rural Delta is a continuing legacy of a people who are part of a great nation of individuals who are proud of their heritage. We look back and remember them here and look forward to up-coming generations that will always hold God and family in their hearts, embrace the call of hope and progress, acheiving the fruits of hard work, plain living, sweat, wit, grit and spit.

  Delta My Home were established as a way to remember and honor our forefathers who  stayed with the land and fought through the hard times and heart breaks this land often dealt. Most never lived long enough to share in the delta’s wealth.  Their contributions have gone largely unnoticed and unappreciated.  We want  to change that.

   Some ask what is delta dirt? A fair question. If you have to ask you may  never figure it out. In my mind delta dirt represents a sense of place and a  time of reflecting on the hard work, plain living, sweat, wit, grit, and spit that it took to bring the delta from the hard life it dealt to the prosperous  life it offers today. The old shacks and farm house are now gone leaving no  trace of the past. I still love to walk through the fields on a hot summer day.  I still hear the dinner bell to call the farm hands to dinner. The sounds of children playing, sounds of the old field hollers. I still here the sound of a  lonesome airplane making its way through the sky interupting the silence. Those  sounds are still there and will forever be there for those who are tuned into the delta dirt.

   If you have an appreciation for the delta please join this page and share with us your stories of growing up in the delta. If you are not from the delta but you have an appreciation of the land, its people, their music and their  values we want to hear from you too. Please feel free to add comments, stories  and  just send us an email for pictures and songs you would like posted.

–  Billy Henderson