Bayou Treasure 

   There was much talk of buried gold and money.  AJ Harris said, “An old man told me there was more money under the earth than on top.  You know during the Civil War people dropped their money in wells and buried it.

   Three people mentioned the Perkins buried gold or money. “Ashton Mc Combs told me that Captain Perkins-he was an old steamboat cpatain-had lots of money buried up and down the bayou. Zeke Hawkins told of gold being found on the bayou between the home of Bill Holland, (The Fusher Moats Hous) and Gussie Turner. “People used to hunt there all the time. Around 1939 someone found gold there. I went out there and saw where they had taken the pot out of the bank. It was on the right side of the gum treewhere the bank had eroded away.”

   Zeke told me of another digging spot. “On the bayou out from Sunshine here used to be a mound larger and taller than this old house. It was and Indian mound/ They found Gold and Silver and other valuable stuff there. Indian relics and headbands. knives and spears.  Henry Austin told about the finding of the pot of gold on Bearhouse Creek. “During the 1930-s, around the Thebes area, a black woman was washing her clothes on the creek and spotted a pot in the bank. She went and got her husband, and he didn’t look at it and told her not to touch it because it didn’t belong to them. They went and got the storekeeper and showed it to him, and he traded them a sack of flour for it.” Zeke Hawkins repeated this story and told the “rest of the story.” The wife got mad at her husband for trading off the gold and left him. She told him,  “You can sleep with that sack of flour!”

* Bayou Bartholomew-Portland area History-Rebecca De Armond-Huskey – Published by River Road Press – Conway, Arkansas-ISBN o-944609-22-8


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