Away Down The River by Alison Krauss

Billy Henderson Family Heirloom Photograph

Blakemore Store in England, Arkansas

       If you would like to share your photographs on this site, please email them to us with a description and story and we will be happy to post them for

Store Front in Wilmot, AR.

This Blacksmith Shop is located at the Starr Home place just outside of Oak Ridge, La.   In Rural Southeast Arkansas has many old structures that reflect the lifestyles and culture of the old south.  The stories loom all around their old battered boards and weathered rusted roofs.

   Delta folks fondly consider them as historical shrines that stoically hang on through the generations as testimony to  proud country southern rural life.

   Our history is one of self sufficiency and true grit as evidenced in Gale Miller’s photo  she titles this   “Smokehouse Roost.”  It is at the Starr Homeplace    outside of Oak Ridge, La.

Freedom Light and Buttons Hands

I snapped this at Melrose Plantation in Louisiana.  The slave house was not much larger than you see here.

Memories  By Gale Miller  Please respect the copyright and purchase on her website


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